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Kristen Bell Shares Her 6-Year-Old Daughter's Hilariously "Threatening" Notes

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Kristen Bell revealed that her daughter Delta has a unique way of getting the family's attention: by threatening them with notes.

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Kristen Bell's 6-year-old daughter Delta has a unique way of communicating with her family. 

Kristen, who also shares her daughter Lincoln, 8, with her husband Dax Shepard, took to Instagram on June 12 to post photos of Delta's very intense notes. 

"I often find threatening notes like these around the house," the Veronica Mars alum wrote in the caption. "(This note was taped to her door during her 30 mins hunger strike:) 'Don't disturb, Delta is starving to death, only Mom can come in.' 'Deltas cookie Don't eat it or else...'"

She concluded, "Guess I should be grateful my kid can speak her mind! (And appreciates leftovers.)"

The Good Place star's followers shared how much they loved the adorable anecdote in the comments section. One wrote, "I predict we will hear ‘and the Oscar for best dramatic performance goes to...' In a few years." Another added, "Omg this is hysterical...just wait till she's a teenager." A third joked, "Do you have any awards laying around you can give the kid for most dramatic scene in the Shepard house?"

While Kristen is more than happy to share the hilarious things her kids do, she does not want to show photos of their faces on social media


"My feeling is that I chose a career in the public eye. I chose to be quoted, I chose to have my picture taken," the actress explained in a November 2020 Romper cover story. "I don't know them yet. I don't know if they will want that. So I really don't have the right to choose for them."

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

In fact, just earlier this week, Kristen shared an Instagram photo of herself and her family with a purple heart over each of the girls' faces. She captioned the pic, which showed string lights in the backyard, "Dad hung lights on the oak tree and now we have an enchanted driveway!!"

While lights are probably the preferred house decoration to Delta's threatening notes, they're both a sweet insight into the Bell-Shepard household. 

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