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Malabar Exercise 2017: India, Japan and US maritime forces show they are fighting fit
Malabar Exercise 2017: The week-long exercise involving the US, Japanese and Indian maritime forces is aimed at "achieving deeper military ties between the three nations." The trilateral naval exercise featured 95 aircraft, 16 ships and two submarines.
The message to China is the same as to the rest of the world and that is to follow international norms in lieu of increasing Chinese submarines pushing way in to Indian Ocean.
On the concluding day of the trilateral ‘Malabar’ naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal, India, Japan and the United States demonstrated their naval prowess and full-fledged commitment to address common maritime challenges across the spectrum of operations and boosted maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region for the benefit of the global maritime community. The week-long exercise involving the US, Japanese and Indian maritime forces is aimed at “achieving deeper military ties between the three nations.”
The trilateral naval exercise, featuring 95 aircraft, 16 ships and two submarines, assumes significance as it is being held at a time when China has become more assertive and increasing attempts by their submarines to venture into the Indian Ocean region. Apart from stepping up its activities in the Indian Ocean in recent years, China is also building ports in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Significantly, the solidarity of three nations also comes in the wake of current military standoff between the armies of India and China in the Sikkim sector.

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