10 Questions After Watching the New Alien Movies


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Lovers of the Alien franchise, this is the video for you. For the next couple minutes, we’re going both clear up some stuff gathered from watching the Alien movies, namely the newest ones, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, as well as ask some big questions. Let’s see if any of them get totally answered by the next one.

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4. Androids and Human Relationships
One of the biggest weird unanswered questions is, are androids like Ash, Bishop, or David really capable of feelings? We see in Alien that Ash is a lot more clinical, though he seems prone to being angry and maniacal, though in Aliens Bishop is much kinder and warm. We know from the David promo that the Weyland androids are designed to understand human emotion, though they “cannot feel it for themselves.” But can they? Out of all of them, David exhibits more aggressive emotion, through things that appear to be jealously, curiosity, hate, and as he says, love.

We might never know what transpired between him and Shaw in that decade together on the Juggernaut, but what we do get a glimpse into is the relationship between Daniels and Walter in Covenant. Walter is much more robotic and calm than David, his system redone to make him more robot than human. Though he calls it duty, there’s no doubt he and Daniels have bonded in some way, him saving her on 2 occasions and she treating him more like a human than a device. It’s also of note to mention that the Alien movies take place in the same universe as Blade Runner.

3. The Space Jockey
After it was revealed in Prometheus that the space Jockey found on LV 223 was that of a deceased Engineer, for a moment, it seemed to clear up what was sitting in that seat during the Alien. But all that explanation was kind of undone when it was then revealed that this wasn’t necessarily the same ship seen in Alien. Plus, the Nostromo crew saw that the pelvis on that space jockey had exploded, a detail not seen in Prometheus. The end of Covenant implies that we haven’t seen the last of the Xenomorphs interacting with the humans. The film appears to have implied we might have seen the last of the Engineers after David infected their whole planet, killing every living thing. Which raises the question, who is the space jockey on LV 426?

2. The Engineer in Prometheus
After 20 years since the release of the 4th installment Alien: Resurrection, modern audiences were treated with a new addition to the Alien franchise--though it wasn’t super clear at first if Prometheus was an Alien movie. The first scene to play onscreen is the opening that features a pretty much naked Engineer on some planet that resembles Earth.

What was startling at first was the fact that the creature we saw was neither human, xenomorph, or cat--the only living creatures we’re used to seeing in the Alien movies. You conclude later on in the film this is an Engineer, but even by the end of the movie, you’re wondering what exactly that opening scene meant as it is not revisited again.

Apparently, what see this guy doing is sacrificing himself in order to terraform the planet--i.e., it’s the Engineers’ way of introducing lifeforms they’re familiar with onto a planet, with organisms descended from them eventually coming to life. We see the Engineer ingest some liquid before he falls into the water, his DNA dissolving into the environment. Scott has mentioned that this planet may or may not be Earth, though everyone likes to say it’s definitely Earth.

David or Walter
Some of you might have gasped or exclaimed out loud at that ending scene in Alien: Covenant, with Daniels screaming and crying as she’s trapped in her cryo chamber when Walter reveals himself to actually be David. A fight scene a few scenes earlier shows the 2 brother androids coming to blows mano a mano, and though we do not directly see the end result of that fight, the cut to a Michael Fassbender-looking android turning back momentarily before they get rescued off the planet.

Most people walked away from that scene thinking that David just chopped his hand off and switched clothes with a defeated Walter, but is that necessarily what happened? Sure he’s an android and can do things faster than humans can. But explain how he fixed his vocal box fast enough after it seemed Walter had damaged it during their fight. Not only that, but he managed to mimic Walter’s other wounds when he didn’t even need to since they transpired during the fight that no one else witnessed. Perhaps David simply downloaded himself into Walter.

Either way, one of the rules in tv and movies is that if it’s a major character, if we do not see the body, then they’re probably still alive. So maybe Walter is somewhere out there, finding his way back to the Covenant. And either way, Michael Fassbender has to come back.
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