[Military news] China Attacks India With Rocket Fire, K!lls 158 Indian Soldiers : FUNNY Pak Media


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[Military news] China Attacks India With Rocket Fire, K!lls 158 Indian Soldiers : FUNNY Pak Media
China Attacks India With Rocket Fire, K!lls 158 Indian Soldiers : FUNNY Pak Media.

At least 158 Indian soldiers have been k!lled on Monday as China fired rockets across the border. Reportedly, several soldiers were wounded in the attack today.

The development came in after China flexed its political muscle in the area today close to Tibet border with a fully equipped brigade indulging in live ammunition drill, China’s state television reported.

A two-minute footage that was broadcast on China Central Television showed the soldiers attacking an ‘enemy position’ using rocket launchers, machine guns, and mortars.

Another military exercise today witnessed use of m!ssiles and anti-tank grenades, the state-run television reported. The drills today were dubbed as a clear w@rning to India.

India and China claim sovereignty of two large and few smaller territories that are disputed between the two for the past decades. Aksai Chin which is a 14,380 square-miles of largely uninhabited area and MacMahon Line are two large territories disputed between the two nations ever since the British colonialism ended.

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