(10 HOURS) How to Make a Viral Video


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"Viral Song" by Tobuscus gets the ten hour treatment. Ten continuous hours of how to make a viral video, as a step-by-step process, as told by Tobuscus in animated music video form. If you fall asleep listening to this 10 hour version of the song that teaches you how to make a music video go viral, you will probably be able to teach a class on it next week (it takes about 6 days for the knowledge of making viral music videos to really set in.)

Tim Tim, Tobuscus and crew take you through a journey of how to get people to like your YouTube videos, so that you can have the most popular music video ever. See if you can find some familiar faces in the crowd scenes!

Listen to the song about viral songs all day at work, on the way home, and also while you're making dinner.

This 10 hour version took 100 hours to make. For some reason Toby Turner made me re-edit every single one from scratch, so if there are differences I'm sorry and you're welcome. And yes, I have to use his full name right now, it's in my contract along with a bunch of other stuff I should have read before agreeing to work for free for 10 years. Please download this song telling you all the information you need about how to make the most popular video on YouTube.

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Written and Performed by Toby Turner
Guitar by Eric Lewis
Director: Talia Ellis
Character Designer: Talia Ellis
Lead Animator: Stephanie Throssell
Animators: Ketzi Rivera & Chelsea Hemphill
Colorists: Britta Souhrada & Ketzi Rivera
Tobuscus and Tim Tim Character Designs by Gonzalo Villagomez
Track Produced by Choco

© 2013 Tobuscus
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