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Google Tricks Google 0    0

google tricks and secrets google tricks list google tricks barrel roll google tricks reaction time google tricks gravity google tricks mr doob google tricks 2017 google tricks youtube google tricks an...

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'You are fake news!' - Trump blackballs CNN's Acosta 0    0

President-elect Donald Trump called buzzfeed a 'failing pile of garbage' over the report that Moscow has been blackmailing him over past sex adventures in Russia. He also refused to answer a question ...

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Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter - BBC News 0    0

Asked to explain his "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" tweet earlier on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it was "a disgrace fake news was released to the public". He added t...

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Donald Trump To CNN Reporter: You Are Fake News | CNBC 0    0

At his first press conference since Election Day, President-elect Donald Trump answers questions about fake news and the media, while avoiding press questions from organizations he considers &quot...

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The Worlds of Viral Video | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios 0    0

***List of Featured Viral Videos*** This is work-in-progress list. We'll fill in the holes this week. Feel free to ...

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The Evolution Of Viral Video - The Try Guys 0    0

The Try Guys recreate moments from the most iconic viral videos, memes, and YouTube creators of the past 20 years in an epic live performance. Eugene Lee Yang - @eugeneleeyang Zach Kornfeld - @kornd...

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Behind Eugene • Making A Viral BuzzFeed Video 0    0

Follow Eugene as he attempts to conquer his biggest viral video yet! Check out more awesome videos at buzzfeedVideo! MUSIC Psychemagik - "Mink & Shoes&...

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The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History 0    0

Twitter : Music : Caro Emerald - Perfect Day (Live Lou Reed cover) Based on this article :

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If Lesbian Movies Were Realistic 0    0

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love… very quickly. Check out more awesome videos at buzzfeedVideo! Get all 12 episodes of the buzzfeed Violet Series - You Do You on ...

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