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10 Most Paused Disney Movie Moments! 0    0

Download VIKINGS and get 200 golds: iOS - Android - The folks at Disney and Pixar have packed their films full of hidden details, references and Easter egg...

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10 Huge Moments In Marvel Movies That Changed the MCU 0    0

What moment did we choose between Spiderman and Iron Man? 10 Huge Moments In Marvel Movies That Changed the MCU! Subscribe to our channel : One of the biggest criticisms of the M...

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Derek Redmond: The Olympian who never gave up - BBC News 0    0

In 1992, the British athlete Derek Redmond was set for the race of his life in the 400m semi-final at the Barcelona Olympics. However, early in the race his dreams were shattered when he felt his ham...

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The lost streets of Chicago - BBC News 0    0

WARNING: CONTAINS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE Killings in Chicago have hit a 20-year high as the grim toll for homicides passes 500. The BBC's Ian Pannell and Darren Conway explore a world where gangs and gu...

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Robot operates inside eye - BBC News 0    0

Surgeons in Oxford have used a robot to operate inside the eye - in a world first. A team at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital used the device, controlled via a joystick, to remove a membrane one hund...

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Water birth video stuns the internet - BBC News 0    0

Giving birth is never easy - but for mum Audra Lynn it was a textbook delivery. The footage of her water birth in Orange County, California has stunned social media users because the baby seemingly po...

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Top Viral Videos Compilation | Funny Vines 2016 0    0

All your favorite viral videos from the Internet in one compilation including David After the Dentist, Sneezing Baby Panda, Baby Girl Laughing Hysterically at Dog Eating Popcorn, What Are Those? and m...

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10 Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors React Out Of Now... 0    0

10 Movie Quotes That Other Actors Did Not See Coming! Subscribe to our channel : Check Out These Other amazing videos: 10 Secrets About The Disney Pixar Universe That Will Blo...

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10 Most Paused Scenes in Popular Movies Ever 0    0

10 Movie Scenes People Have Paused The Most! Subscribe to our channel : Check Out These Other amazing videos: 10 Mistakes in Big Movies You'd NEVER Notice

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