All About Theodor

  • Artist: Theodor
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Total Album: 10
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

The original Theodor would not be pleased And yet when the Toronto based indie pop band was looking for a name they turned to Theodor Adorno author of On Popular Music an article in which he lambastes the pop music of his time 1940s jazz in favour of Beethoven s 5thsymphony It seemed appropriate to give a nod to Adorno for some accurate observations on the pop music he heard But more than that naming a pop band after a pop ...

Music Album of Theodor

Pierwsze Demo
Sideroad10 EP
Musical Calendar
Tell Me What You Want Single
In the Flesh feat Siemko
Trade Winds
  • Trade Winds
  • Steffen Sonnenschein Theodor
I Think About You feat Nicole Campbell Single
  • I Think About You feat Nicole Campbell Single
  • Theodor
What It Feels Like Single
Forevigt Ung Single
Liberator Single

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